Say Goodbye to Hangry - delicious traditional Mexican food tacos in a cozy home ready for dinner

Say Goodbye to Hangry

Living here means never having to ask, “What’s open?” again. Forget those sad midnight snacks! Our luxurious Austin apartments are practically best friends with Magnolia Cafe. It’s a beloved local spot always open for breakfast, Tex-Mex, and vegetarian goodness. Since 1979, this Austin icon has been serving up delicious food and unforgettable experiences. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and buttermilk pancakes wafting through the air. Or satisfying a late-night taco craving just a few steps from your door. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Magnolia Cafe has got you covered. Say goodbye to hangry, and why settle for a boring routine? Come live the dream with us today!

Magnolia Cafe

Living at Alexan Rivercrest means you’ll never be hungry again (well, almost). Your new BFF is Magnolia Cafe, the local diner that’s always open and always delicious. Forget about late-night cravings or early-morning grumbles – they’ve got you covered. Craving a classic American breakfast? Check. Want to spice things up with Tex-Mex? Done. Need a healthy veggie option? They’ve got it all. Plus, the cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to grab a quick bite or settle in for a long meal with friends. So say goodbye to boring meals and hello to a 24/7 cafe just steps from your door. At Alexan Rivercrest, every meal is an experience, and Magnolia Cafe is the star of the show.

A Never-Ending Vacation

Life at Alexan Rivercrest is like a never-ending vacation! Sure, having Magnolia Cafe next door is a major perk (hello, 24/7 breakfast tacos!), but the fun doesn’t stop there. Our apartments are basically luxury retreats, with spacious floor plans that’ll make you feel like you’re living in a palace. Forget those cramped studios – we’re talking room to breathe, dance, and maybe even do a cartwheel (if that’s your thing). Our modern kitchens are a chef’s dream, so you can whip up gourmet meals or just reheat your Magnolia Cafe leftovers in style. After a long day, you can relax in our sparkling pool, sweat it out in the fitness center, or unwind in our beautiful outdoor spaces. Trust us, your daily routine will never be boring again!

Say Goodbye to Boredom

At Alexan Rivercrest, you’re not just picking a place to stay; you’re choosing a lifestyle upgrade. With Magnolia Cafe, you’ve got tasty eats whenever you want, no long treks required. Magnolia’s got your back, whether it’s a quick nibble before work, a chill brunch with pals, or a late-night munch. Our fancy apartments make life comfy and chic, smack dab in a bustling community. Besides the awesome grub at Magnolia, our spot-on location means shopping, fun, and more foodie gems are just a hop away. So, explore local parks, check out cute shops, or dive into other amazing eateries. Living here means having it all within reach and keeping life easy and awesome.

Come see how Alexan Rivercrest can change your life. Schedule a tour and lease today to experience our luxury apartments and prime location. Say goodbye to hangry and hello to convenience and comfort. With Magnolia Cafe just steps away, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle full of flavor and convenience. Live your best life at Alexan Rivercrest!